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Our People

Our People

Principal Accountant and Director

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Navin Sharma
B. Com., MTINZ

Navin Sharma began as an Accountant for Castaway Resorts in Fiji and later became the Financial Controller for Fiji Meats Ltd. After migrating to New Zealand in 1988 he spent time acquiring New Zealand experience before establishing and running his own Accounting practice, which has transformed into the thriving firm you see today. He is passionate about helping his clients to succeed in their pursuits and believes that through hard work and a little bit of creativity, anything is possible. Outside the office he enjoys family life with his wife and two sons, travelling and property investment.

Accountant and IT Support

Rajneil Maharaj
B. A. Information Systems & Economics

Rajneil joined our team in April 2005, having graduated from University of South Pacific. Having started as an assistant accountant and has since progressed to become the Administrator for the firm. He enjoys current affairs, tennis and travelling.


Pavel Prokofyev
B. Econ, NZ Dip Bus

Pavel joined our firm in 2003 as an Assistant Accountant and has built his experience with us. His strong work ethic and business acumen is a real asset to our team. In his spare time he enjoys volley ball and football and is the coach of the Waitakere Women’s Volleyball Team.