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Software - MYOB-Banklink

Software - MYOB-Banklink

MYOB BankLink is a company, which in conjunction with the Bank offer a service where the transaction history of their customer can be sent directly to their accountant. In 2013 MYOB and BankLink became an united team providing proactive accountants as well as the business owners more support than ever before.

Murray Sharma & Associates have established a partnership with MYOB-BankLink to ensure we have the software solution for your business. Right from the businesses that do most of their accounting in-house, to those who want to leave it all to external service providers, MYOB Banklink has the solution for all. We have staff trained and certified by MYOB to provide support to our clients.We also have MYOB's own team of specialists.

MYOB BankLink software has made banking more convenient and simpler. With the MYOB BankLink service our accountants can get all the details of the transaction of our clients.

MYOB BankLink streamlines and automates the accounting process for more than five thousand accounting practices and three lakh fifty thousand small business clients all over New Zealand and Australia. MYOB BankLink offers accounting practices with timely, reliable and accurate client transaction data from more than one hundred twenty financial institutions along with a different software tools tailored to the requirements and accounting capacities of the small businesses.