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Murray Sharma in Auckland: Your trusted small business accountants and advisors

MSA is passionate about your business. Our advisory services are suitable for both new clients who are considering starting a business and those who have been running your business for a while. We endeavour to develop close, long lasting relationships with our clients and tailor our services to help you fulfil your business goals.

Starting a new business or looking to take your current one to the next level? Looking for a Payroll Accountant? How about a small business advisor?

Thinking about starting a business?

If you are just starting out, we can provide you with advice as to what structure is most appropriate for you, help you formulate a business plan, and provide general guidance as you establish your presence in the market. There is an array of different structures available and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will walk you through the alternatives and ensure the structure you pursue is the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Sole Trader
  2. Company
  3. Partnership
  4. Look-through Company (LTC)
  5. Limited Partnership (LP)
  6. Joint Ventures
  7. Trusts

Taking your business to the next level

Alternatively, if you are already in business, we can provide you with a secondary opinion on how you may be able to improve, streamline, or grow your business, we are here to help.

MSA has undertaken numerous advisory sessions over the past two decades. This has allowed us to streamline our advisory services, and ensure that the time we spend together is fruitful. In our advisory sessions, we will go over:

Context: In the first stage of any advisory relationship, it is crucial to understand the context of the meeting. That is, both parties need to understand:

  1. Why we are meeting.
  2. What the purpose of the meeting is, and
  3. What we want to achieve

Explore: In the second stage, we will explore what opportunities and threats your business may face, or what has changed from our previous meeting. The purpose of this stage is to discover new information.

Comprehend: In this third stage, we will dive down, comprehend, discuss and debate what impact this new information may have on your business. Developing an understanding of this information is crucial and will lead us to to final stage.

React: Advisory sessions will ultimately result in formulating a plan on how your business can respond to the risks we have found, or capitalise on the gap we have unearthed. We will help you come up with a plan of action that will allow you to react accordingly to the new environments we find ourselves in.

Our business advisors in Auckland will tell you a year in advance what the costs will be for services required. We offer a Fixed Price Agreement for our services. These are payable by easy monthly instalments which overcome the cash-flow problems experienced in traditional payment systems

Are you in need of myob accounting or financial management assistance? Murray Sharma can assist your business with all financial matters.

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