Our Auckland Property Investment Advisors and Accountants can help you make the right choice

If you need property investment advice or assistance in managing your property portfolio, our advisers can help you maximise your returns. We offer property management advice by advising clients on what, where, when and how to invest in properties in Auckland's surging property market. We will help you take the guessing out of investing in both residential and commercial property in Auckland and throughout New Zealand as we have years of experience in helping our clients grow their property portfolios.

As a valuable client of Murray Sharma & Associates, you will have your own property investment advisor/ property administrator who will act in your best interests at all times. We can help provide you with market research, the properties that will suit you and meet your individual goals.

We will help you evaluate different opportunities that may be available and help you choose the correct structure to use such as a:

  1. Sole trader.
  2. Company.
  3. Look-through Company (LTC).
  4. Limited Partnership (LP).
  5. Trust.

In addition to this, we will also help you navigate the extensive tax laws on property such as the bright-line tests along with the other taxing provisions such as the intention to dispose tests to help you understand when property can be sold without incurring a tax liability.

We can also help you manage your rental portfolio, identify how you should structure your affairs along with compiling financial statements and completing tax returns for your rental investments.

Murray Sharma can help with all of your financial advisory needs. We take pride in prioritising our clients individual goals and provide effective, reliable, trustworthy services. Whether you are in need of xero accounting assistance, trust management, business administration or just about anything else when it comes to matters of financial advice and accounting, you can count on Murray Sharma Accountants.

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