Trust formation and management

Our auckland trust accountants make trust management easy

We act as a trust advisor and can help your create, manage and grow your trust.

A trust is not a separate legal entity but rather, the recognition of a number of rights and obligations owed by the person(s) acting as trustee for the beneficiaries' interest. The establishment of a family trust has numerous advantages such as providing asset protection, a degree of anonymity, the possibility to benefit future generations and can also provide flexibility when accounting for your personal affairs.

We work closely together with our clients to take care of the administration work and keep the trust's affair up to date. We will help you ensure your trust keeps its validity and is able to achieve the objective it was set out to meet.

We can help you:

  1. Establish your trust by preparing and completing the necessary documentation needed for its formation.
  2. Manage and administer your trust in order to ensure it's affairs are up to date. We can help with minute preparation, income distribution, updating your trust's affairs, producing financial statements and completing tax returns for your trust.
  3. Attend to the special requirements involved in the reporting for the trusts.
  4. Create an asset management plan.

You can be confident that msa will help you maximise the benefit your trust provides.

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